About us

Shining Star Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manpower recruitment company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The company has established itself as a trusted recruitment partner for many employers across different fields. They specialize in recruiting professionals and skilled manpower, providing customized recruitment solutions that cater to the specific needs of their clients. The company’s expertise lies in their ability to identify and attract the right talent for their clients, which has earned them a reputation as one of the most reliable recruitment agencies in Nepal.

Shining Star’s success can be attributed to their client-centric approach. They view manpower recruitment as a partnership and focus on building lasting relationships with their clients. This philosophy is reflected in their ability to retain clients they acquired at the start of their operations. The company believes that by understanding their clients’ needs and providing tailored solutions, they can ensure a mutually beneficial relationship that leads to long-term success. Their commitment to quality service has earned them a reputation as a preferred recruitment partner for some of the world’s reputable companies.

In conclusion, Shining Star Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a premier recruitment agency that has established itself as a leading provider of professional and skilled manpower in Nepal. They have a client-centric approach that focuses on building lasting relationships, which has resulted in a high rate of client retention. Their ability to provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients has made them a trusted partner for many reputable companies worldwide.


We believe That, in order to achieve success in business having the best groups of employees is mandatory. We find happiness in receiving the credit for our client’s success. our team of professionals are entirely devoted in  the  mission  to  provide widely competitive  human  resources to our  So that they  can acquire  qualified work force   on their  organization. Our  key  mission  is to  discover those talents  from  our  vast  and wide network and deliver Right  Candidate  to Right Company on Right Time.


The supreme vision of our company is the fulfill the need  of our  clients  seeking  for” Right  people for Right Job at Time ”keeping  this  time continuously  endeavor  to get  candidate  with  high  potential to our esteemed  We  are  stepping forward with  the  vision of being the field of human  resources and to  be the most  preferred recruitment agency in the  eyes of  both clients  and  candidates.